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Princess Azula :iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 5 0
New to to Gotham Chp.9 (BatmanxReader)
      You were beyond  terrified to see some of Gotham's nightmares under one roof, but kept yourself composed. Bane and Scarecrow were seated next to one another discussing toxins but had there gaze targeted on you. Man-Bat was hanging upside down and from the other side of the room it looks like Killer Croc is eating raw meat. Hopefully not human.
      Harley spots you and squeals with delight. "(Y/n)! Come on over and meet the gang! This is Ivy." She introduces a woman with a green pigment to her skin and crimson hair. She looks you over and puts her hand out to you.
      "Nice to meet Harley's sister-in-law." She says as you shake her hand. 
      "No, the pleasure is all mine." You were keeping your cool even though on the inside you are mentally praying. There is a loud bang and a door opens to reveal your brother holding more blue prints. He is followed by a couple more hench men with crates.
:iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 0 0
I don't understand that reference :iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 4 3 Lana Del Rey :iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 0 0 Merry Christmas from Hetalia :iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 6 0
I like the way you love me (LuciferxReader)
Oh oh oh oh yeah

Don't know why
But I love I do yeah yeah
      You walk into your apartment and hear someone singing. Automatically you knew who's voice that was, it was the soothing sound of your lover's singing. 
      There he stood in the middle of your living room, wearing that same green shirt, jeans, and blue button up over. The only thing different is that he seemed a bit nervous, but none the less, he continued.
'Cause I like the way you love me
Oh girl oh oh
Every time you kiss me
Thrills me from my head to feet
And I tell myself that deep inside
There will be no one else for me
      He slowly makes his way towards you and you raise a brow.
      "Luci, what is all of this?" You question but smile none the less. He smiles back and pulls you into him as he slowly sways the both of you to the music. You follow his lead and lay yo
:iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 3 0
I just can't xD :iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 2 0
Happy Halloween (Dick GraysonxReader)
      It was October 31 and you were currently in class pretending to be interested in the lesson. It was about five more minutes till the bell would ring and you'd be off to get ready for the Halloween party at your friend's mansion.
      Yes your friend was the billionaire Bruce Wayne's adopted son Richard Grayson. You and him have been friends for as long as you could remember and both attended Gotham High. You were both in your junior year but he was seventeen and you were sixteen. You thought about when he invited you to the party held at the manor, the way his blue eyes flashed with enthusiasm when you accepted his invitation. 
      The bell rang and you packed up your supplies. You walk out of the school and see Dick waiting for you with that adorable smile of his. 
      "Hey (Y/n), I can't walk you home today. Bruce called me on some important matters to deal with." He rubbed the back of his neck and watch
:iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 5 0
Gravity Falls :iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 6 0 Eren Jaeger resketch :iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 11 0 Poison Ivy :iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 9 2 King of the Host Club :iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 20 9 Aroura's Once Upon a Dream :iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 4 0
All part of the family (WinchestersxReader)
      Twins. Mary Winchester gave birth to a baby boy named Sammy, and a baby girl named (Y/n). Mary and her husband John now had three kids. The oldest is Dean being four years old, and their twins now six months. (Y/n) is younger than Sammy by an hour.
      Their household was quiet when Mary woke up as her husband was asleep on the couch with the television on. She then ran upstairs to check on the twins and began to yell. John jolts up from the screams of his wife, and runs up the stairs. Inside the twin's room, lays his baby boy and girl, cribs next to one another. John looks down at Sammy and (Y/n), Sammy kicking around while (Y/n) just keeps her eyes towards the ceiling. He follows your gaze and sees Mary pinned to the ceiling, with blood on her abdomen.
      "No! Mary!" John yells and sees flames begin to surround his wife and ceiling around the room. The babies began to cry and John grabbed them both quickly. He runs out to see hi
:iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 4 0
The Familiar of Zero :iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 10 0 Supernatural :iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 3 0


Happy 100th Bucky Barnes :iconhydraballista:Hydraballista 17 5 Is she with you ? :iconfurlani:Furlani 89 10 Kaichou wa maid sama :iconkuro-mai:kuro-mai 4,173 273
Bad Tattoo ( Dean Winchester x Reader )
Warning(s): Song: 
Title: Bad Tattoo
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader 
Fandom: Supernatural
Word Count: 1,382

Now I'm the kinda girl that don't like going out at night

Never have
Staying home & watching Star Wars would be alright 
Yeah I'm nerdy, but him?

He's a black leather motorcycle wheelie poppin' He-Man James Dean
    You sat in a booth, staring down at the water that was swirling in your cup. You didn't normally hang around bars, but they seemed to be the best place to hide. No one ever thought to look for you there, so you were normally safe. That was all you wanted. You didn't ask for much. You just didn't want to be in danger anymore, but that seemed like it was impossible for you. 
    You were always being hunted down by someone, though you never seemed to be a threat to anyone. Still, since you were a silkie, they believed that you were a danger to all. All you wanted to do was have a normal, comfort
:iconentirelybonkers:EntirelyBonkers 28 1
Bedtime ( John Watson x Child!Reader )
Warning(s): Art trade.
Title: Bedtime
Pairing: John Watson x Child!Reader (Family)
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Word Count: 1,052
    No matter what he did, John couldn't get you to sleep. You just refused to relax enough for you to be able to fall asleep. You said you weren't tired, but that was a lie. You were definitely tired, but you tried to hide that from the man. You didn't want to be tired and so you were doing everything you could to keep yourself from feeling it. No sleep for you, that was your motto at the moment. 
    In reality, it wasn't that you didn't want to go to sleep. You wanted to spend some more time with John. If you went to sleep, you wouldn't be able to spend time with him. So, you were going to try and stay awake as long as you could. You were doing everything in your little kid power to keep yourself awake. You didn't care what it was, all you wanted was to stay away. 
    At the moment you were bouncing on your bed, hai
:iconentirelybonkers:EntirelyBonkers 30 4
Mature content
And I'll Walk Back To You (Logan x Reader) :iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 51 15
Another Blind Date (Bucky x Reader)
He knew that they meant well, he knew.
But they annoyed him to no end now. The constant blind dates they dragged him into, the questions they asked about said dates and potential partners.
He was beyond irritated and locked himself away in the gym to finally get some rest from his two obnoxious friends.
He delivers punch after punch to the with sand filled bag, building an outlet for his frustration.
The door to the gym swung open and he grits his teeth when he recognizes the familiar pattern of steps.
“Hey, Metalhead.”
Bucky ignores the jabbing and concentrates on his breathing. If Sam comes down to the gym he has something in store for Bucky but nothing good.
“Are you free tonight?”, the Falcon asks and Bucky delivers a harder punch, throwing the bag through the room and into the wall.
Huffing he turns towards his friend and glares at him.
“No, I'm not.”
“Right, because you have a date with a lovely lady”, Sam smirks and Bucky would lov
:iconsnakesgoethe:SnakesGoethe 27 4
Valentine's Teddy Bear (Levi x reader | Drabble)
(y/n) lay on her bed after a long day of cleaning the headquarters and training with Levi —her boyfriend— and both their squads.
All the cleaning had left her dead tired. Not to mention that all her muscles were sore due to the hard training. She desperately needed to sleep for at least eight hours in a row for she knew she would feel a lot better after a good night’s sleep. In order to accomplish that, she had skipped dinner. 
The (h/c) woman was about to fall asleep when someone came into the room.
“What are you doing, brat?”
“I’m trying to sleep, Levi,” She mumbled with her eyes closed.
“Have you even taken a shower?” Levi inquired.
“No…” She muttered making him click his tongue.
“This is for you,” He said before placing something on the bed beside her.
“What is it?” She felt a soft material as she touched it with her hands.
“Open your eyes and you’ll see.
:iconvenulus:Venulus 73 66
The Age Card (Gabriel x Reader)
[Name] stormed into the room, with a vexed archangel following her. "Guys," she called. Two heads snapped to attention and watched the, seemingly, angry women stop in the middle of the room. Dean wondered what had managed to annoy her; meanwhile, Castiel watched his brother behind [Name]. He looked a little like a child throwing a tantrum, with his head thrown back in exasperation and a slumped posture.
"Don't bring them into this," he insisted, half-heartedly. "Just admit you’re wrong. This was fun at first, but now it’s just getting annoying."
"Shut up," [Name] snapped. Gabriel raised his hands in mock defense, a moment later he stood casually beside Dean - who cursed him under his breath when he got over the surprise. Gabriel leaned into the counter, and conjured himself up a tray of sweets as he watched her expectantly. "Where's Sam?" she asked, looking around. "Never mind, doesn't matter."
"What exactly is going on?" Dean asked, studying the
:iconfollowyourarrow:FollowYourArrow 16 0
Scam-posal | Sam Winchester x Reader | Commission
Dean led the way into the restaurant, looking significantly out of place as he walked through the tables with a pair of blue jeans and a dirty leather jacket on. One customer even stopped to ask him if he’d just escaped from a mental hospital, to which Dean responded with a rather rude gesture and a few select words. It was a more… Upscale place, to say the least.
Sam and (Name), however, were appropriately dressed for the occasion, thanks to a trunk of decent clothes (Name) kept in the Impala. Dean may not have cared how they looked, but he was certainly alone in that. Sometimes the right outfit was what kept them from getting arrested, and with the way the oldest Winchester sibling dressed himself, he often found himself patted down for drugs while (Name) and Sam laughed at him in the distance.
The only woman on the team gazed up at her rather tall partner and smiled at him adoringly. “You look handsome tonight.”
The dimples came out in full force at that, pai
:icontonystarks-girl:TonyStarks-Girl 23 4
Daenerys :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 15,346 312 Long Live The Short! FMA + OHSHC Crossover :icontwilighttealights:TwilightTealights 45 6 new art book cover :iconjiuge:jiuge 3,378 109 Edward Elric - Fullmetal Alchemist :iconetinel:Etinel 55 15 Princess and the Frog bookmark :) :iconwormholepaintings:WormholePaintings 82 7
Mistakes (Dean Winchester x Reader)

So, that’s it! I am leaving. I can’t stand it anymore. I can’t stand him anymore. Well, to be more specific I can’t stand Dean Winchester anymore. 
It’s been months now that I joint the Winchesters in their hunting life. I come from a family full of hunters and generally I knew about supernatural creatures from a very early age. My family knew John Winchester because they have met in some cases. So when I met the two boys in a case we teamed up right away.
The hunting was very successful with our squad and we agreed to keep up this team. Everything was good until recently. It’s been some weeks now than Dean dicided to be a dick.
It was after we killed a big nest of vampires that he started the rude comments and the terrible nicknames. Now we always end up shouting at each other until Sammy comes to calm me or Dean. At first I thought that it was a phase and it will pass but how many weeks do I have to wait? H
:iconrinakiuchiha:RinakiUchiha 16 2



      So today I have spent it at anime con and just got home. My feet are killing me but it was all worth it to meeting and getting an autograph from Vic Mignona! I was tearing up and pretty much fangirling the entire time. He was such a nice guy and I drew him a Tamaki photo which should be in my gallery. I had such a wonderful time and he was just awesome. He talked to everybody and hugged as many people possible.
      He even had somebody glomp him in the panel and I got to ask him about which two animes he would want to crossover.(Free!&Fullmetal Alchemist.) He was so funny and will never forget this anime experience.
      Also got Cherami Leigh's autograph and she was sooo kind and loved my Lady Elizabeth sketch I gave to her, which is in my gallery as well. She gave me a hug for it and it really made me happy. Meeting these two have been such an honor and can't wait to see who will be coming next year. Maybe J. Michael Tatum, I hope so.
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