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Like Cats and Dogs (Sirius BlackXReader)
      "Come on Sirius! We have to meet up with James and Remus by the Whomping Willow." Your whispered yelled to your friend outside the boy's dormitories. 
      "I'm trying to look my best for you (Y/n)." He replies coming out and giving you that same bloody smirk he gives when he's teasing you. You just roll your eyes and head outside to meet with the others.
      You can see James with Peter by the Willow's entrance and they wave to you.
      "It's about time you got here. Full moon will be out any minute." James gets ready for his transformation.
      "We would have been here earlier, but Padfoot wanted to be a lovesick puppy and woo me." 
      "Can't help it Feles. You really bring out the alpha male in me." He winks and you stick your tongue at him.
      "Oh just snog already. I swear it's like cats and dogs with you two, pun intended." James smiles at his litt
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Princess Azula :iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 6 0
New to to Gotham Chp.9 (BatmanxReader)
      You were beyond  terrified to see some of Gotham's nightmares under one roof, but kept yourself composed. Bane and Scarecrow were seated next to one another discussing toxins but had there gaze targeted on you. Man-Bat was hanging upside down and from the other side of the room it looks like Killer Croc is eating raw meat. Hopefully not human.
      Harley spots you and squeals with delight. "(Y/n)! Come on over and meet the gang! This is Ivy." She introduces a woman with a green pigment to her skin and crimson hair. She looks you over and puts her hand out to you.
      "Nice to meet Harley's sister-in-law." She says as you shake her hand. 
      "No, the pleasure is all mine." You were keeping your cool even though on the inside you are mentally praying. There is a loud bang and a door opens to reveal your brother holding more blue prints. He is followed by a couple more hench men with crates.
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I don't understand that reference :iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 4 3 Lana Del Rey :iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 0 0 Merry Christmas from Hetalia :iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 6 0
I like the way you love me (LuciferxReader)
Oh oh oh oh yeah

Don't know why
But I love I do yeah yeah
      You walk into your apartment and hear someone singing. Automatically you knew who's voice that was, it was the soothing sound of your lover's singing. 
      There he stood in the middle of your living room, wearing that same green shirt, jeans, and blue button up over. The only thing different is that he seemed a bit nervous, but none the less, he continued.
'Cause I like the way you love me
Oh girl oh oh
Every time you kiss me
Thrills me from my head to feet
And I tell myself that deep inside
There will be no one else for me
      He slowly makes his way towards you and you raise a brow.
      "Luci, what is all of this?" You question but smile none the less. He smiles back and pulls you into him as he slowly sways the both of you to the music. You follow his lead and lay yo
:iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 3 0
I just can't xD :iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 3 0
Happy Halloween (Dick GraysonxReader)
      It was October 31 and you were currently in class pretending to be interested in the lesson. It was about five more minutes till the bell would ring and you'd be off to get ready for the Halloween party at your friend's mansion.
      Yes your friend was the billionaire Bruce Wayne's adopted son Richard Grayson. You and him have been friends for as long as you could remember and both attended Gotham High. You were both in your junior year but he was seventeen and you were sixteen. You thought about when he invited you to the party held at the manor, the way his blue eyes flashed with enthusiasm when you accepted his invitation. 
      The bell rang and you packed up your supplies. You walk out of the school and see Dick waiting for you with that adorable smile of his. 
      "Hey (Y/n), I can't walk you home today. Bruce called me on some important matters to deal with." He rubbed the back of his neck and watch
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Gravity Falls :iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 6 0 Eren Jaeger resketch :iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 11 0 Poison Ivy :iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 9 2 King of the Host Club :iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 20 9 Aroura's Once Upon a Dream :iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 4 0
All part of the family (WinchestersxReader)
      Twins. Mary Winchester gave birth to a baby boy named Sammy, and a baby girl named (Y/n). Mary and her husband John now had three kids. The oldest is Dean being four years old, and their twins now six months. (Y/n) is younger than Sammy by an hour.
      Their household was quiet when Mary woke up as her husband was asleep on the couch with the television on. She then ran upstairs to check on the twins and began to yell. John jolts up from the screams of his wife, and runs up the stairs. Inside the twin's room, lays his baby boy and girl, cribs next to one another. John looks down at Sammy and (Y/n), Sammy kicking around while (Y/n) just keeps her eyes towards the ceiling. He follows your gaze and sees Mary pinned to the ceiling, with blood on her abdomen.
      "No! Mary!" John yells and sees flames begin to surround his wife and ceiling around the room. The babies began to cry and John grabbed them both quickly. He runs out to see hi
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The Familiar of Zero :iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 10 0


Attention and Affection [Newt Scamander x Reader]
Every since you had met the soft spoken wizard, you had been fascinated by him. There was just something about his gentle eyes and shy smile that drew you to him. Maybe it was just that you found shy and clumsy to be attractive, or Newt Scamander was just that special.
But when he had first showed you what he hid in his plain old case, you were mesmerized. This man, with such an shy and careful personality was carrying a whole new world in his case, several different creatures living with him. And to be able to see him take care of his beasts just made you fall for him harder.
Soon enough the two of you fell into a routine; as you travelled around the world looking for more beasts, you'd both take care of his little babies. When Newt's was busy with writing his book, you'd feed and care for the adorable creatures. And if some beast required care 24/7, you'd take turns, while one rested the other one tended to the creature.
But there was one creature in particular that had taken a likin
:iconnixdex:nixdex 197 12
Matchmaking (Aang x Reader)
"Avatar Aang, welcome to the matchmaker of the fire bending kingdom," greeted a servant boy dressed in crimson robes with a black horned demon mask upon his face as he bowed low.
Aang had to stop his eyes rolling because Katara stood on his foot. Ever since she had gotten matched to another boy from the Northern Water Tribe, the romance between them had fizzled out. So, Katara suggested (more like forced) Aang should go to the matchmaker in the Fire Nation just as she had done.
So here they were, Katara watching Aang very carefully so he couldn't run away and Aang was currently wishing he could fall into a hole and die.
The demon masked boy then stood up and beckoned for the two to follow before turning around and walking into the large and luxurious matchmaker's home.
As the two walked behind the boy they exchanged whispers.
"Can we go? Say it's important?"
"No, Aang. Besides this shows you are making an effort to understand Fire Nation culture."
She had a point.
The people of
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 9 7
Crawl (Supernatural x Sister!Reader)
Y/n burst out of the earth, scattering clumps of dirt around her. She gasped at the fresh summer air as she raised her head to the evening sky. She spat dry clay out of her mouth. Four months in hell, an eternity. Y/n’s arms shook as she crawled out of her grave to lie on the surface of the mortal world. She took her first breaths, an action almost forgotten. Y/n lay in the ruins of a field, ravished by recent fire and left to tend itself. She had no marker - not even a stone. She felt her organs shift inside her and it was clear that wellness was something unpossessed.
Y/n stood. Gravity was harsh to her and her neck struggled to keep her head aloft. She was as naked as the day she was ripped from her mother. Y/n’s eyes were dull as if her soul itself was somewhere other. She took a step forward. Her feet dragged on the burnt grass. Dirt clung to her bare skin and turned her into a vision of ruin. Y/n knew where she was. Bobby had taken her here many times as a child. It w
:icond0gss:d0gss 24 7
Babe (Young!Sirius Black x Fem!Reader)
"You know, realistically, this is not my fault."
"Shut up L/N this is completely your fault."
"If you want to blame anyone blame yourself, Black. You were the one who got us into this mess." I whispered.
Sirius Orion Black, the older sibling of my best friend and fiancee, is a thorn in my side. Once upon a time we were engaged as children but when we he made certain... views clear, he was disowned and my engagement was changed to Regulus. Since then the older Black sibling had been doing everything in his power to annoy me.
"Suit yourself L/N. But we can't get out until they leave."
The 'they' he was referring to was Professor Slughorn and that mudblood Lily Evans. They were discussing the 'Slug Club' a rather influential group that I was not allowed to take part in because my fiancee was not invited as a primary member.
"If you would just shut up for one moment, I could listen to their conversation and figure out when it's going to end. Although bad manners do usually be
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 17 5
Best Friend's Crush? (Tamaki Suoh X Reader)
Tamaki Suoh, the son of the chairman of the school. Also a complete pest but the object of my best friend's attention. At this very moment she was rambling on about him whilst I groaned hiding my face in my hands.
F/N has absolutely no shame.
"Y/N, he's so gorgeous. He's amazing! Did you know he speaks french?"
"Yes, you tell me that every day. You have done for the past couple of years."
"But he's fantastic! Y/N you have to talk to him."
"No," I answer deadpan, "There is no way in hell that I would be caught dead or alive with that poser douche-"
I blanch at the sound of his voice.
Dear Lord, why is this my life?
"F/N if you love me at all you'll distract him...I mean seduce him. Bye!" I ran off down the corridor, away from the steadily increasing pace of Tamaki's footsteps.
Now to find somewhere to hide...
F/N once mentioned to me that there was a spare music room available that was next to the room Tamaki uses for his stupid club. But which number is i
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 27 3
Night Owl | Viktor Nikiforov x Insomniac!Reader
    Sleep proved to be something that was hard to come by for you. Short and well rested nights for most people were long and restless ones for you. This lack of sleep at night caused you to sleep for the majority of the day making you miss a lot of things going on. You tried to use the several nights you were up awake to be productive, but it still didn’t make up all the missing time with your boyfriend.
    Averting your eyes away from the bright screen of your laptop, you let your eyes land on Viktor who was sleeping besides you. Your time spent with him was limited recently due to your unusual sleeping patterns. You wanted nothing more than to close your laptop and snuggle asleep next to him, but you knew it would only result in hours of staring up at the ceiling.
    Sighing, you returned your focus to your laptop. Aimlessly flipping through open tabs in search of something to
:iconwords-of-fate:Words-Of-Fate 64 10
Friends with Benefits (Balthazar x Reader)
“Do I need to start charging you for every call you make?” a disgruntled voice demanded behind Sam and Dean. Standing in the center of the room, looking more than slightly annoyed, was Balthazar. When the Winchesters didn’t immediately speak, he sighed and said, “Well? You’ve already dragged me here, might as well tell me how you screwed up this time.”
Sam and Dean exchanged annoyed looks, not appreciating the fact that he was stating they’d somehow messed up. “We need to talk about Cas,” Dean stated.
“That’s why you called me? It isn’t my job to keep tabs on your boyfriend. Well, if that’s all, I’ll be taking my leave now-”
“Not so fast,” Sam said, striking a match and throwing it to the floor. Before Balthazar had a moment to react, he was surrounded by a ring of dancing flames.
Balthazar looked up and studied the Winchesters with an incredulous ex
:iconfollowyourarrow:FollowYourArrow 7 3
Yoga (Sam x Reader)
It was a heavenly sight.
It really was.
Sam Winchester stood a foot from the end of one of the motel room's twin beds. His legs stood shoulder width apart and he reached his arms up, arching his back slight.
[Name] watched intently, not bothering to hide her fascination, as he dove to the floor. His palms were placed flat against the motel carpet. He happened to be positioned just so, so that he completely blocked [Name]'s view of the flickering television.
Though, her view was much better.
Who knew he was so flexible?
"What are you doing?" Dean demanded, unimpressed, as he lifted an eye from the laptop screen.
Before Sam had a chance to reply, Castiel replied from the bed beside [Name]. "I believe he is doing yoga. It is a combination of mental, physical, and spiritual exercises performed to strengthen one's mind and body. In fact, it has many positive benefits on the human body, Dean..."
"I know what he's doing, but why is he doing it?" All eyes were on the
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Orchids Armin x Reader
Orchids. Red, white, and blue orchids. The colours reminded you of something you studied long ago, with Armin. America, you think it was called. But now, you lay here with a large wound in your chest, slowly turning the orchids red. Next to you however, was the smoldering remains of the last titan. Was it smart to go after the ten meter alone? No. Was it smart to kill the last titan? Yes. "Eren!? Where did she go!?" You heard, from the distance. Armin. You desperately wanted to see him, but you didn't want him to see you. You were dying, it's true, but you didn't go down without a fight. "Uh... Armin.." Eren said, spying you from behind a tree. It gave you pains to see his expression. Upon finding Eren in the winding trees, he rushed over to you. "Oh my god.. Y/N, what happened?!" You just smiled, and turned your head to the titan who was steaming next to you. "Ok, Y/N-" he started, but you cut him off, feeling Death's creeping claws. "Armin, promise me something." "Don't say that! You
:iconhalf-demon333:Half-Demon333 1 0
Engagement Worries (Kyoya Ootori x Reader)
"Hello Kyoya, have you seen my brother?"
"Yes, he's over there with Takashi," He barely lifted his head to point in the direction, "I'm surprised that you didn't hear him when you arrived."
"I did I just wanted to assess how busy he is without staring at him."
He smirked and stopped typing looking up at the eldest Haninozuka sibling, "Well I admit that would seem rather odd. Would it not be easier to admit you did not know how to start a conversation with your fiance?"
The young woman sighed, "Alright, may I sit down with you please?"
"Of course, I can't have my fiance awkwardly standing whilst looking aimlessly, it wouldn't do for my image."
She pulled out a seat on his left and sat down, "Thank you Kyoya."
"You're welcome Y/N," He looked back to his laptop screen and resumed his typing, "By the way, has my sister talked to you yet?"
"No, what about?"
"She has this wild idea in mind that you are giving up college and any other forms of further education to simply become my wife; a soc
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 27 4
Hidden Emotions. Levi x Reader
Fandom: Attack on Titan
Word Count: 3019
Estimated reading time: 12 minutes
There may be swearing.
I do not own any characters from Attack on Titan they belong to their creators
Author’s Note:
Okay so this was wrote back in October. It’s kinda bad? Idk Levi is OOC. I never planned on posting this. But here we are. I am sorry for this shit.
   “State your name and business.” Levi droned as someone knocked at his door.
   “___, Erwin told me you wanted to see me.”
   ___ pushed the door open and closed it lightly, she walked up to his desk and stood, until Levi glanced up at her and gestured her to sit.
   “Erwin said you had something you needed to tell me.”
   “Yes.” Levi kept writing for a moment until he was done with his sentence. Oh, how he loved her patience. He put down his pen then leaned back cro
:iconlalahbug:LalahBug 51 34
Izaya x Reader - Temptation
“It’s hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember.”
He was right. Unforgettable words, unforgettable lies…
Another impatient knock announced a presence at the door, yet you still made no move to answer it. The will to live no longer existed within you; it had left you like the leaves fell from a tree during autumn. With a thousand painful emotions swirling inside you, all you could do was lay there, curled up in a ball on the kitchen floor as your body wracked with sobs. You had trusted him with your heart, and in return, he had shattered it into a million pieces.
The sound of keys jangling in the lock met your ears and your heart caught in your throat. There was only one other person who had keys to your house, and he was the last human you wanted to see. Ever.
“Love you? (Name)-chan, how dense can you be?”
The door opened with a creak; dread washing over your entire being. You just wanted him to leave you alone to your sel
:iconshackledfairy:ShackledFairy 24 16
Haruhi x Reader: Either Way
:bulletpink: Haruhi x Reader: Either Way :bulletpink: 
It had almost been six months since Haruhi Fujioka had entered the hallowed halls of Ouran Academy, but to (F/n) it felt like a lifetime. Since the first moment that the quiet second year had first seen the new honors student wandering around the elaborate corridors of Ouran, she had been smitten. Sure, Fujioka was naturally appealing (both physically and personality wise) but there was something more about the peaceful first year that made (F/n) stop and stare.
(F/n) normally kept to herself and was known as a mouse of a girl throughout the Academy. Not that she was necessarily shy per se; just that she was more of a naturally listener. And she had listened in on plenty of conversations about the new transfer student. (F/n) had often heard words such as ‘commoner’ and ‘poor’ used when her peers mentioned Fujioka, but these slang terms couldn’t have been further from the truth.
Haruhi might
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 52 4
Something sweet :icontyskas:TysKaS 94 35 Rogue .nsfw optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 11,927 231 Happy 100th Bucky Barnes :iconhydraballista:Hydraballista 26 6



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