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Like Cats and Dogs (Sirius BlackXReader)
      "Come on Sirius! We have to meet up with James and Remus by the Whomping Willow." Your whispered yelled to your friend outside the boy's dormitories. 
      "I'm trying to look my best for you (Y/n)." He replies coming out and giving you that same bloody smirk he gives when he's teasing you. You just roll your eyes and head outside to meet with the others.
      You can see James with Peter by the Willow's entrance and they wave to you.
      "It's about time you got here. Full moon will be out any minute." James gets ready for his transformation.
      "We would have been here earlier, but Padfoot wanted to be a lovesick puppy and woo me." 
      "Can't help it Feles. You really bring out the alpha male in me." He winks and you stick your tongue at him.
      "Oh just snog already. I swear it's like cats and dogs with you two, pun intended." James smiles at his litt
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Princess Azula by Proud2BeANerd Princess Azula :iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 6 0
New to to Gotham Chp.9 (BatmanxReader)
      You were beyond  terrified to see some of Gotham's nightmares under one roof, but kept yourself composed. Bane and Scarecrow were seated next to one another discussing toxins but had there gaze targeted on you. Man-Bat was hanging upside down and from the other side of the room it looks like Killer Croc is eating raw meat. Hopefully not human.
      Harley spots you and squeals with delight. "(Y/n)! Come on over and meet the gang! This is Ivy." She introduces a woman with a green pigment to her skin and crimson hair. She looks you over and puts her hand out to you.
      "Nice to meet Harley's sister-in-law." She says as you shake her hand. 
      "No, the pleasure is all mine." You were keeping your cool even though on the inside you are mentally praying. There is a loud bang and a door opens to reveal your brother holding more blue prints. He is followed by a couple more hench men with crates.
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I don't understand that reference by Proud2BeANerd I don't understand that reference :iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 4 3 Lana Del Rey by Proud2BeANerd Lana Del Rey :iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 0 0 Merry Christmas from Hetalia by Proud2BeANerd Merry Christmas from Hetalia :iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 6 0
I like the way you love me (LuciferxReader)
Oh oh oh oh yeah

Don't know why
But I love I do yeah yeah
      You walk into your apartment and hear someone singing. Automatically you knew who's voice that was, it was the soothing sound of your lover's singing. 
      There he stood in the middle of your living room, wearing that same green shirt, jeans, and blue button up over. The only thing different is that he seemed a bit nervous, but none the less, he continued.
'Cause I like the way you love me
Oh girl oh oh
Every time you kiss me
Thrills me from my head to feet
And I tell myself that deep inside
There will be no one else for me
      He slowly makes his way towards you and you raise a brow.
      "Luci, what is all of this?" You question but smile none the less. He smiles back and pulls you into him as he slowly sways the both of you to the music. You follow his lead and lay yo
:iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 3 0
I just can't xD by Proud2BeANerd I just can't xD :iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 3 0
Happy Halloween (Dick GraysonxReader)
      It was October 31 and you were currently in class pretending to be interested in the lesson. It was about five more minutes till the bell would ring and you'd be off to get ready for the Halloween party at your friend's mansion.
      Yes your friend was the billionaire Bruce Wayne's adopted son Richard Grayson. You and him have been friends for as long as you could remember and both attended Gotham High. You were both in your junior year but he was seventeen and you were sixteen. You thought about when he invited you to the party held at the manor, the way his blue eyes flashed with enthusiasm when you accepted his invitation. 
      The bell rang and you packed up your supplies. You walk out of the school and see Dick waiting for you with that adorable smile of his. 
      "Hey (Y/n), I can't walk you home today. Bruce called me on some important matters to deal with." He rubbed the back of his neck and watch
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Gravity Falls by Proud2BeANerd Gravity Falls :iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 6 0 Eren Jaeger resketch by Proud2BeANerd Eren Jaeger resketch :iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 12 0 Poison Ivy by Proud2BeANerd Poison Ivy :iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 9 2 King of the Host Club by Proud2BeANerd King of the Host Club :iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 21 9 Aroura's Once Upon a Dream by Proud2BeANerd Aroura's Once Upon a Dream :iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 4 0
All part of the family (WinchestersxReader)
      Twins. Mary Winchester gave birth to a baby boy named Sammy, and a baby girl named (Y/n). Mary and her husband John now had three kids. The oldest is Dean being four years old, and their twins now six months. (Y/n) is younger than Sammy by an hour.
      Their household was quiet when Mary woke up as her husband was asleep on the couch with the television on. She then ran upstairs to check on the twins and began to yell. John jolts up from the screams of his wife, and runs up the stairs. Inside the twin's room, lays his baby boy and girl, cribs next to one another. John looks down at Sammy and (Y/n), Sammy kicking around while (Y/n) just keeps her eyes towards the ceiling. He follows your gaze and sees Mary pinned to the ceiling, with blood on her abdomen.
      "No! Mary!" John yells and sees flames begin to surround his wife and ceiling around the room. The babies began to cry and John grabbed them both quickly. He runs out to see hi
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The Familiar of Zero by Proud2BeANerd The Familiar of Zero :iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 10 0


Dare (Steve x reader)
    “Trade a piece of clothing with Steve.”
    Your confident grin falters. Natasha’s only widens.
    “Get him to wear anything you’re wearing right now and put on something he’s wearing. And you have to change into it in front of him, you can’t just bring it here and put it on.” Natasha continues her explanation of your dare.
    Why did she have to involve Steve? You've already barked like a puppy at Clint, even licking his cheek for effect. You told them about how mortifying your first kiss was when the guy’s mom walked in and scolded you. You thought the truth from your last game had been forgotten, admitting you had a crush on a team member. Of course she’d decide to pay more attention after that, even figuring out who it was.
    You’ve been sitting on the balcony of the tower playing a harmless game of truth or da
:iconfantasysmistress:FantasysMistress 24 0
Party Companion (Clint x reader)
    You lie back on your bed and stare up at the ceiling. You have your “I’m sexy and I know it” outfit on. You’ve applied your makeup perfectly. Your hair is nice but will still look good with some activity. You even got new comfortable shoes that still look super cute. So what is it that has you so bummed? No one to go out with.
    You have zero party friends. All you want to do is go out to a bar, have some drinks, and dance the night away, laughing and smiling the whole time. Your lack of friends really puts a damper on this plan. You don’t want to go to a bar all alone. Sure, Tony has parties all the time but they’re not the same as going out. So here’s your dilemma. You have no girlfriends available for the night. Actually, you have no girlfriends period. Natasha is your only friend and she’s busy tonight. So who can you call?
    “Cliiiint~” You sing as you sk
:iconfantasysmistress:FantasysMistress 14 0
Steve x Reader: Facing Demons
:bulletblue: Steve x Reader: Facing Demons :bulletblue:

The world was on fire. Terrified screams filled the air as charred rubble cascaded from countless buildings, completely removing the cloudy sky from view. Eruption after eruption exploded; large chunks of stone freefell to crumble atop those who were unlucky enough to still be standing. It was an unstoppable maelstrom of death. Thick cloying smoke burned (F/n)’s lungs as she fought to run through the destruction. The acrid fumes made her choke as she frantically let her eyes swivel to her surroundings. Nothing was familiar to her bleary gaze, and she knew that most, if not all of her comrades were long dead.
The woman sprinted through the devastating wreckage, looking for any survivors. From her arm poured a steady stream of blood, but she did her best to ignore it. It was just a scratch; or so she had told herself, when she had first wrapped it in the ripped fabric of her former jacket. The cut on he
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 41 7
Learn To Be Lonely (Mako x Reader)
The two firebenders were sat together in their pyjamas, staring out at the night sky above them. The cold wind ripped past them and off into the distance; unseen.
"'s Republic City now then?"
"What do you mean?"
"Well, Bolin's off being a mover star, Korra's off doing Avatar stuff and Asami's with her as her fiance. So, how do you feel?"
"Lonely...I'm not used to being on my own. Even after Mum and Dad died I had Bolin and then we had you and then Korra and then Asami and..." he trailed off as he continued his heavy stare into the distance.
"You'll learn," she replied quietly.
"Learn what?" he inquired as she smiled softly and held her gaze with the night sky.
"You'll learn in time that people are not necessities. You will learn to be lonely and to achieve peace with solitude."
"How are you so wise?"
"In another life, I must have been an air bender; swift, graceful, wise and kind."
"Then what must I have been?"
She hummed as she thought before replying simply, "A flying bison."
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 11 0
Avengers Assemble? by Ravenheart79 Avengers Assemble? :iconravenheart79:Ravenheart79 11 14
Bon x Succubus!Reader-Dirty Little Secret Pt 1
You trembled as you rested your hand on the doorknob to the classroom.
You stood on the outside, preparing to go in.
Preparing for all eyes to be on you.
You were so nervous about it though.
Your palms began to sweat and your trembling only continued.
i can do this! I can do this! I CAN DO THIS!! I CAN-
"Hey, you alright?"
You jumped at the sound of a voice behind you.
Looking over your shoulder, you see a boy with vivid, blue eyes and dark hair staring at you.
You couldn't help but notice his pointy ears.
They're the same as mine..could this be him..? you thought.
"I-I'm..N-Not really.."you tell him.
He smiled.
"I haven't seen you around before. Are you a new student?"he asks.
You nod, casting your gaze to the ground.
"Mhmm..I'm suppose to be in this class but..I'm too nervous to open the door."
"Oh, well hey, it'll be okay. It's okay to be nervous. I can walk in with you, if you'd like. That way maybe it wont be as awkward for you." The boy offers.
You look up at him o
:iconhetaliagirl101:hetaliagirl101 30 7
Armin x Titan!Reader- A Titan's infatuation
He stared up at her, fear apparent in his eyes.
His mouth hung open in shock at just what he was looking at.
She stared down at him, (e/c) eyes watching him carefully.
She took a knee, just to get a good look at him.
He laid on the grass, too frightened to move.
He couldn't process what he was seeing.
The others looked as well, just as surprised.
Nobody dared move.
She was unpredictable.
One wrong step could cause her to attack.
She didn't pay the others any mind.
Her gaze was fixated on him and yet he couldn't understand why.
What was he to do?
His blades laid a few feet away, but he couldn't move to grab them.
What if she saw him doing that and decided to kill him?
He trembled, unsure of how this would end.
His two friends stood some feet away, also staring at the large female who seemed to be captivated by him.
What should they do?
They weren't prepared for this!
She took them by surprise, randomly appearing.
They were just suppose to be training and yet...they might end u
:iconhetaliagirl101:hetaliagirl101 34 8
KanekixChild!Reader ONESHOT
KanekixChild!Reader: Innocent Youth
Image Found Here:
-Child abuse referenced-
The snow fell down slow but in massive flakes. It quickly covered the ground. You shouldn’t be out so late. Let alone in weather like this.
It could take someone days to find you. Not like anyone was looking… Weeks then- It would take weeks for them to discover your corpse. Your existence would ruin yet another persons day, at the very least.
At least your mother would be free if you died.
You left because she told you to, again. She really does hate you. It was because of you that she wasn’t able to be anything. That’s why she hit you all the time.
What a waste your life was.
She says you’ll be just like her-
Snow had already covered the tracks you made from home. It was cold. Your jacket wasn’t that well insulated, let alone waterproof, so you were getting cold and wet fast.
Everything is so quiet right now. If you
:iconkcshallenberger:kcshallenberger 17 6
[Sherlock/Mute!Reader] Silver Lights
‘Need you down at the station ASAP. - GL’
‘I thought I told you already, if he has a purple mop, you can arrest him. Check the underwear drawer, the gun’s in there. -SH’
'We already took care of that. New case, very peculiar circumstances. Need you here for help. Please come. -GL’
'Be there in twenty. -SH’

Sherlock grabbed his coat, throwing it on as he hurried out of the flat and into the street below, where he eagerly hailed a taxi. New cases were always amusing. Arriving at Scotland Yard, he made his way to Lestrade’s office, where the older man sat waiting, sifting through various objects sprawled across his desk.
“New case?”
Lestrade jumped at Sherlock’s voice, “Yes. Multiple homicides. Horribly bloody. Might as well call it a massacre.”
“Sounds fun.”
“You should’ve seen it. The newer guys, they won’t sleep for a week, at least.”
“That bad?”
:iconthea115:TheA115 22 2
Its Time | AoT | Erwin x Reader
(y/n) was particularly restless today.
The tell being in the plate she pulled out the cupboard, before throwing it at the back of Marie.
Fortunately, it missed.
Finger and thumb rubbing together Erwin soon laid the index finger to his temple when the plate landed, and shattered in the middle of the table.
He sighed, waiting patiently for the expected reaction.
Marie was rightly alarmed by the plate flying over her head, and smashing into the middle of the table. A hand clapping down over Nile's -who seemed none the wiser to the plates unexplained presence- Marie's nails dug into his hand, finally garnering Nile's attention.
Tuning out while Marie begged Nile for them to leave Erwin focused on the woman leaning beside the open cupboard. Chapped lips caught between the teeth, the muted colour of her eyes met Erwin's with a renewed coldness.
Premeditated Erwin shrugged coolly and accepted the confused apology for Nile and Marie's sudden departure. Nile shrugging on his coat he left the ki
:iconpennythoughts:PennyThoughts 16 5
Loose Ends - Kylo Ren/Ben Solo x Fem!Reader
Your lightsaber cut cleanly through the Storm Troopers that stood in your way. You panted as you went to sheath your weapon, wiping sweat off your brow. You had to find a ship and get off this blasted planet. Hopefully some of the Resistance's pilots were still waiting.
You froze. That voice. You would know that voice anywhere, even with the odd distortion. "Ben?" You turned your head, your (e/c) eyes searching the clouds of smoke. A dark hooded figure slowly came towards you, stopping just close enough to be in view. Your heart skipped a beat. "I... I thought..."
"No. I'm very much alive." He was already in your head.
You turned to fully face him, your fingers still clasped tightly around your lightsaber as you shook your head. No one had heard about 'Kylo Ren' since Han Solo's death and Rey and Finn's return with the last part of the map. General Organa was heartbroken but didn't show it. You admired her strength and offered your condolences in hushed whispers at dinner that
:iconkrebony:krebony 38 12
GOTG - To the Moon (Rocket x Reader)
It was nighttime at the Milano and everyone was asleep. You laid on your bed reading a book with the help of a small lamp which hung above your head. The whole ship was silent, no men arguing like little children. It was only you and your book. For a little while at least.
Soon you heard small steps coming towards you. “You still awake (y/n)?” asked a familiar voice a little bit unsure. You often slept with your light on, so it was a really good question.
“Yes, I’m up.” you called with a warm smile on your face as you saw Rocket. He was more than a friend to you. The both of you loved each other and everyone at the Milano knew it, but somehow no one ever spoke about your relationship. Peter was against it at the beginning, being your older brother, but as soon as you made clear that you love Rocket to the moon and back it was alright. No one asked stupid questions. Peter only mocked Rocket from time to time.
Slowly the raccoon sat down on the bed next to y
:iconklein-k:klein-k 21 8
Hope (Zuko x Reader)
"So, how are you enjoying the festival? You know, the one held in the honour of the Fire Lord, which is you by the way, down there and not up in here in your bedroom."
She's as snarky as ever.
Without turning away from the window he replied, "They are all enjoying themselves. Besides Ozai was dead only a week ago. How can they put that much trust in his child?"
"Maybe, just maybe, because you are so different."
"How?" He then turned to her and regretted it because he felt his breath catch in his throat. She was beautiful dressed in a traditional fire nation dress with her hair down.
"You helped the Avatar, you saved your people, you stood up to your crazy sister. You have even kept the traditions of the Fire Nation whilst changing things a bit to allow people to be happy. So come on, your friends are here as well."
"Y/N they are your friends too."
She shrugged before attempting to blow a strand of hair out of her eyes.
Y/N had been by his side since they were children. As anothe
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 46 4
Space Between Us (Hikaru x Reader x Kaoru)
It was a known fact in the host club that Hikaru and Kaoru were in love with the same girl; Y/N L/N, the granddaughter of a foreign businessman. No one knew if she loved anyone not that she would be allowed to because she was engaged to the son of her family's rival. So the twins pined endlessly doing everything they could to gain her attention hopefully so Y/N's grandfather wouldn't keep rejecting their marriage proposals. The idea of a polygamous marriage did not bode well with the traditionalist ideals of Y/N's grandfather.
So once again the two boys were begging Y/N to love them, to understand them, to want inviting them to the host club.
Through Haruhi.
Currently the two boys were perched in a bush watching Haruhi invite Y/N to the club.
Unfortunately for them it was not working well.
"Please come to the club."
"No thanks Fujioka-san. I'm good."
"I don't care. Now if you will excuse me I'm late to my piano lesson."
Haruhi was a bust. Who would be better?
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 28 4
Alien Noogie by giulal Alien Noogie :icongiulal:giulal 114 32
Bloodbath (Tywin Lannister x Reader)
"Please Lord Tywin, your grace, spare our family," begged the woman kneeling on the floor.
"Why?" he was in a relaxed position on the iron throne, "I am now king. Why should I help the Starks of Winterfell?"
"When your grandson sat upon the throne he murdered my father. When the Targaryens ruled they stole my father's sister, tortured and maimed innocents. I do not wish for the Targaryen girl to be on the throne ruling with a hoard of barbarians. We were winning but in order to avoid needless bloodshed we will yield."
"What will it take to end this war and to become allies?"
Tywin smirked and looked at the scowling figure standing in the crowd behind his sister, "Robb Stark, you claim to be the leader yet your sister speaks for you."
Robb did not speak so Tywin looked to the woman in front of him, "What are you able to offer me?"
"We haven't much gold but we have people-"
"Exactly. You are an intelligent woman; as intelligent as you are beautiful. A wise choice to not offer anyth
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